Sexual Hygiene Tips: Keep these 4 things in mind for a healthy sex life

Laziness or sleepiness usually begin after sexual intercourse, but did you know? One of the most important requirements of a healthy sex life is to take care of good sexual hygiene. Sexual health is often ignored by people. Problems such as urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, blisters, burns or fungal infections are seen due to poor sexual health. It is very important to take care of your sexual health to prevent any such uncomfortable medical conditions, especially after sexual intercourse. This is also because there is more possibility of infection after sex. To prevent bacteria, microbes and infection, it is necessary to take care of hygiene after sex.

Sexual Hygiene

Faridabad-based sexologist Dr. Gyan Prakash Singh has given some tips:

  • Sexual activity should be done in a clean area.
  • The partner should check that the partner does not have sexual dysfunction (STD) or fungal infection.
  • If you are using a protective toy, make sure they are clean.
  • Clean yourself before the inter-course (especially wash your hands).

Keep these things in mind:

Passing urine after sex:

The general rule for healthy sex is to urinate immediately after sexual intercourse. This will help you naturally clean any bacteria that comes close to your urethra due to sex. Thus, it is necessary to urinate before and after the inter-course. With this, you can protect yourself from serious infections.

Clean Yourself:

After a long and enjoyable sexual activity, it is necessary to clean yourself with toilet paper, tissue paper, soft cloth, warm wash cloth or a clean towel. It helps you feel clean. Apart from this, it also reduces the chances of infection after sex.

Clean undergarments:

It is very important to wear clean undergarments. On other days, everyone should wear clean and new undergarments. Wearing the same undergarments for long periods of time can cause bacteria and both of you may get infected with each other.

Use only sexual hygiene wipes:

The most important thing is that your sexual organs are more sensitive than the skin of your hands and face. It is not good to use regular wipes to clean your sex organs after sex. Always use sanitary wipes or sexual hygiene wipes, which are now easily available at all medical stores. Also, do not rub your sex organs with your clothes, instead clean it slowly. Apart from this, first start cleaning with Yonimukh and then move towards the anus, cleaning slowly and carefully.

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